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  Zhongjin International Mansion is developed by Binzhou SINO Urban Construction and Real Estate Co., Ltd. This project is located in the core area of CBD planned to be built in the new district of Binzhou, at the junction of Bohai 18th Road and Huanghe 5th Road. It is adjacent to the Binzhou Administration Center with high-level office buildings and the office building of Binzhou Power Company in the north, and the large-scale city center public green space across the road in the east, opposite to the large-scale commerce and trade center with an area of over 40,000 m2.


  This plot has obvious locational advantage. This project covers an area of 31,518 m2, the total construction area is 28,000 m2, and the construction height is 130 meters, 33 storeys above the ground and 2 storeys under the ground. According to the locational advantage and the positioning required by the planning and design, this project is planning to build the tallest high-level comprehensive office building at present in Binzhou City with larger construction unit volume, advanced functions, complete facilities, environmental protection, high security and great comfort, and it will become the landmark building in the new district after completion. The planned Zhongjin International Mansion is a new comprehensive commercial office building combining stores, apartments and offices. It is composed of the basement, annex building and the tower building, 1-5 storeys are annex building, 6-33 storeys are offices, among which the 6-15 storeys are small apartment-style offices, 16-33 storeys are freely partitioned offices. A total construction area of over 70,000 m2 is planned to be developed, among which, the construction area of ?the annex building is over 15,600 m2, the construction area of the tower building is over 37,000 m2, and the underground construction area is over 17,400 m2, with the total investment of 380 million Yuan. After completion, this building will not only become the tallest landmark building in the new district of Binzhou, but also one of the commercial office buildings with the highest level in Binzhou up to now.