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Developer: Binzhou SINO Haoyun Real Estate Co., Ltd

Golden Lot: Zhonghai Shopping Plaza is located at the junction of the main urban roads Bohai 17th Road and Huanghe 7th Road in the new district of Binzhou with roads in every direction and several public transportation lines in the surrounding area, so the transportation is rather convenient.

Core area: Adjacent to the Municipal Government, Zhonghai Shopping Plaza lies in the collection location of governmental and public institutions, such as the National Tax Bureau, Highway Administration Bureau, Radio and Television Bureau, etc. Since the westward movement of Binzhou Municipal Government in 2001, the surrounding high-level residential communities have gradually become mature, which has greatly improved the consumption level of the residents of the new district. The area enjoys the optimum position with many schools and colleges here such as the Binzhou University, Experimental Middle School, Bei Zhen Middle School, and Experimental Kindergarten, etc.

Supersized volume: Zhonghai Shopping Plaza covers over 60 mu in total, the construction area is 67,996.68 m2, the construction area above the ground is 60,513.82 m2, and the construction area under the ground is 7,482.86 m2. The project has three storeys as a whole and four storeys in some parts, whole framework structure, comprising A, B, C, D and E blocks. The area is the only land for commercial use in the new district of Binzhou with relatively independent and integrated five sectors.