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The Black Steed Fitness Club has formally signed the contract to enter Zhonghai Shopping Plaza


  On the afternoon of Sep. 10, the Black Steed Fitness Club successfully signed the entry agreement to formally enter Binzhou Zhonghai Shopping Plaza. The Black Steed Fitness Club is a well-known fitness center in China with 17 branches all over the country, and it has become the top-level brand in Shandong fitness operation type. The Black Steed Fitness Club Zhonghai branch covers an area of 2,593 m2 with an investment of over 4 million Yuan. It is equipped with about 100 sets of world top fitness equipment, complete aerobics facilities such as computer programming commercial running platforms, new-style power bicycles and spacewalk machines, etc. The aerobics room designed according to the world top standard adds the latest fashionable elements in the world to the Black Steed Fitness Club Zhonghai branch.
  With the gradual implementation of various market promotion activities by Zhonghai Shopping Plaza, the investment attraction work has achieved excellent results. At present many anchor stores have signed with Zhonghai Shopping Plaza, which indicates the Zhonghai Shopping Plaza has been recognized by many excellent enterprises as the one-stop Shopping Mall combining leisure, shopping and entertainment, and the enterprises have much confidence in the business prospects of the plaza. As one of the main types of operation in Zhonghai Shopping Plaza—fitness operation type, the entry of Black Steed Fitness Club will further enhance the whole image of the Zhonghai Shopping Plaza and provide an optimum leisure and entertainment destination for the sports-loving friends in Binzhou. It is reported that in order to “celebrate the National Day and welcome the National Games”, Zhonghai Shopping Plaza will cooperate with Black Steed Fitness Club to hold the unprecedented Binzhou Nationwide Fitness Festival recently and provide an excellent nationwide sports feast for Binzhou citizens.