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The Midsummer Night Evening had its grand opening in Zhonghai Shopping Plaza of SINO GROUP


  In return for the support and favor of Binzhou citizens and merchants, on Aug. 23, 2009, Zhonghai Shopping Plaza joined hands with the Dongfang Shenyun Dance Training School to hold a “Create Brilliance Together―SINO Zhonghai Shopping Plaza & Binzhou Dongfang Shenyun Dance Training School 2009 Midsummer Night” evening on the Ximen Square. The fantastic songs and dances and the exciting on-site interactive games provided a great audio-visual feast.
  Crowds of audiences and merchants had gathered on the site before the formal beginning of the evening. The development history of SINO Zhonghai Shopping Plaza since it was put into operation at the beginning of 2008 and the outstanding achievements of SINO Zhonghai Shopping Plaza overcoming various difficulties and challenges were broadcast with the slide projector on the site. Zhonghai Shopping Plaza expressed its commitment to continue with excellent service and first-class performance in the second half of 2009, which gained high praises.
   Later the children from Binzhou Dongfang Shenyun Dance Training School offered the excellent dance performance “Joyful Years”, which ignited much more enthusiastic atmosphere. In the following excellent interaction phase, the merchants actively participated and pushed the atmosphere to a climax. The evening scene was filled with continuous hilarious occasions, great joy and passion. Accompanied by the song “Song and Smile”, the evening ended in happy laughers.
   This evening won great popularity among the audience, the audience can not only feel the vigorous energy and cultural deposits of SINO Zhonghai Shopping Plaza, but also understand the essence of the enterprise culture “Dedication, Politeness, Intelligence, Credit, and Developing to Help the World”. This activity won the great support from Binzhou Municipal Government, Binzhou Media Group and various circles of Binzhou society, and ended with a complete success. SINO GROUP extended sincere gratitude to the friends in support of this midsummer evening.