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The first anniversary of the opening of Inzone Zhonghai Branch


  The Inzone Market in Zhonghai Shopping Plaza welcomed its first anniversary. In the past year, with the help of the business atmosphere and first-class supporting service created by Zhonghai Shopping Plaza in the new district of Binzhou, Inzone Market has fully made use of the surrounding resources, rapidly cultivated the market and realized the sales myth with over 1 million’s income in the first month and over 100 million’s income in the first year since its opening, obtained rich profits and broken the commercial spell in Binzhou retail industry that “the new department store will be in deficit in the first two years”.
   The complete property management, the personalized service and strong market advertisement contributed to the excellent sales performance and high reputation of Inzone Market in the first year. At the beginning of operation, the management team of Zhonghai Shopping Plaza formulated the working principle that “Focus on target management and supplement with marketing and service management”, established the management system combining target management and performance assessment. Zhonghai Shopping Plaza successfully held many promotion activities in order to cultivate the market and help the merchants to attract consumption. As one of the most famous business circles in Binzhou City, the plaza has formed certain brand popularity and appeal among the consumers. Nowadays it has become a life style and habit to go to Zhonghai Shopping Plaza and Inzone Market.