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A private enterprise from Qingdao city carries out a major overseas investment-----SINO GROUP pushes into the international mining capital market


  As reported by the journalist Sheng wende comes from the 1st Finance: In Toronto, Canada time, on March 26,2010, the CHINA FINANCE GOLD INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED which is the wholly owned subsidiary of SINO GROUP completed the acquisition of the Canadian quoted company-- GOLDREA RESOURCES CORP.

  It is reported that the Canadian business GOLDREA RESOURCES CORP purchased by the wholly owned subsidiary of SINO GROUP, which is a mining exploration and development company with the headquarter located in British Columbia of Canada. The areas of the projects of mining exploration and development owned by the GOLDREA RESOURCES CORP include: Quebec, Canada; Arizona, America and Central America. Among all of them, the most prominent project which is the gold mine located in Shandong Province. The high-grade gold ore reserves of SINO GROUP received a huge boost through this acquisition.??

  The areas of high grade gold mineralization continue to be discovered in Golden Rose project located in Shandong Province said by staffers from SINO GROUP. By the end of December 12, 2009, a more efficient extraction system will be established on the Golden Rose project by SINO GROUP. It is expected that the new system will be able to bring with them high grade gold reserves.

  SINO GROUP has been acquired and is being negotiated to purchase the number of listed companies which mainly comes from Hong Kong, Canada and the United States, etc. At present the gold, iron ore, multi-mental ore, copper and molybdenum ore, precious ore, coal and other minerals across multiple Mongolia, North America, Canada, Australia and other places of the world.

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  SINO GROUP is a large-scale comprehensive group corporation combing multi-industry development and investment and industrial operation with the main pillar industries such as investment, real estate, energy mining industry and high-tech investment, etc.
  The group enjoys a great reputation in various industries and fields and has achieved excellent accomplishment. Currently, group has five headquarters: headquarter in Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong, the U.S, Canada and a number of overseas companies.

  SINO GROUP has made brilliant achievements in real estate field, the projects under construction and completed projects are: Qingdao Center-Qingdao International Trade Center, Zhongjin International Mansion, Zhonghai Shopping Plaza, Hangyuan Garden, etc. Among them, the “Qingdao Center-Qingdao International Trade Center” located in No.8 of Middle Hong Kong road, Qingdao city, which is a “diamond-grade” urban complex in the area of the Qingdao CBD with the total investment of 5 billion RMB.


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