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 House prices of big cities strictly under control of policies, the next wave of soaring house prices may occur in class B and C cities 2010-04-07
 The real estate enjoys encouraging and discouraging policies; the real estate market regulation.. 2010-02-22
 Several institutions predicted the good prospects of Chinese real estate in 2010; overseas... 2010-02-05
 ZENDAI GROUP won the new Shanghai Land King with 9.22 billion, the “Land Application List... 2010-02-04
 Bank of China formally rescinded the 30 percent discount in mortgage rate; raise the ... 2010-02-03
 Won the diamond lot with 4 billion, the lot became the new Land King in Qingdao with 17,800.. 2010-01-22
 Qingdao real estate market remains strong in the off season after the Spring Festival 2010-01-21
 New policies of real estate regulation were released frequently in various regions 2010-01-15
 Qingdao City will proceed with the preferential policies for house purchase 2010-01-10
 The 10th anniversary of the establishment of Qingdao land reserve system 2010-01-05
 Qingdao Urban Development Strategy Explanation Conference was held in Korea 2009-12-08
 Next year the real estate market will be tepid 2009-12-08
 Qingdao: New high rises in the east, taller and taller 2009-12-06
 Nigeria mining industry expects infusions from Chinese investors 2009-11-28
 Tongliao City Kulun Banner found tungsten-molybdenum metal mine 2009-11-26
 East Ujimqin Banner verified a silver-lead-zinc multi-metal mine 2009-11-21
 Time bomb still remains in American real estate market; a new tide of loan repayment default is on the way 2009-09-11
 How to stop the land king games of the developers 2009-09-11
 The quotation rose to 5.999 billion, the new China Land King came into being 2009-09-11
 The stocks of the Hong Kong-listed domestic real estate enterprises increased severalfold 2009-06-19
 Ha Jiming: The real estate bubble in Chinese market is on a par with American market 2009-06-19
 Fannie Mac lost 29 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter 2008-08-12
 Hard for Qingdao to keep fit in the lingering cold 2008-08-12
 Xi’an housing price nearly sees the bottom 2008-08-12
 The fund thirst in the real estate industry is expected to be relieved 2008-08-12
 20,000 houses sprinted to the real estate market in Guangzhou 2008-08-12